About Me

Hello! Im Annie Wilson, an Australian designer with a love for design, nature, bohemian culture, and my little family in my coastal home in the trees. 
My passion truly lies with creating magic through the magnificent art of 'collaboration'. There is nothing more beautiful than two passionate forces combining, relying on each others strengths, to create something truly amazing.
This is where it began...When I was 3, I got a Crayola 64 pack of crayons with a built in sharpener. Absolute bliss. The rest is history....
After graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Arts, I went on to work for 7 years in the fashion industry (for various brands) as a 9-5 Textile Designer.
Although very fulfilling, I wanted more, and yearned for risk and challenge. So, with my YOLO attitude and naivety, in 2014, I walked out of those salary-paying doors into a life of freelance design, and I have never once looked back!
As well as this, I created a homewares and fashion label called Bohome. This baby taught me a huge amount about both myself, and the wider industry, where I gained additional experience in product development, supplier relations, importing & exporting goods. 
Since leaving the 9-5 "safety net" I have worked in many different design fields, including fashion, textiles,  graphics, corporate, packaging & web, through a variety of different clients - from international fashion retail giants - to celebrity collaborations - to small boutique fashion labels - to sole trading businesses.

Come and make some magic with me xx